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October 9th 2021

Aalto gets home from Oklahoma just in time to knock out a website

How does he do it? He's not even really sure. It's probably because he likes coffee, or he's a morning person. Actually, the real reason is that once an idea gets in his head, it's therapy to get it out!

August 19th 2021

Spencer Cheatham's car is terrible


Just when you think you're good to go at the rental car agency with a new'ish 2021 mid-size SUV, you get stuck with the Cheatham special and are now driving a Nissan Rogue. What a terrible rental car. Thanks for nothing Spencer, I would rather drive your Nissan Cube.

August 19th 2021

OFRN, the newest and greatest website in the world in born


It's really not the best thing since sliced bread, but it's better than that weird Velveeta sliced cheese. It's definitely better than SPAM meat as well. I mean, if you had no other option that I suppose SPAM would work, but it's about as delicious as fruit cake or Vegemite. You decide.


Never mind, I'll decide for you. None of those items should ever be allowed to be consumed. You might ask then what can be consumed, but currently isn't available all year round? The answer my friends is the McRib. For those of you reading this that have ever eaten a McRib, you know what I'm talking about. That delicious rib-like-looking meat'ish patty with fake rib marks and indentations. So dirty- yet so good.

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